Moving to Malta


Moving to a foreign country is in most cases a big step and sometime even an adventure. Questions such as what should I bring and what to leave behind are important issues.

If you plan to move your entire hose hold, furniture etc, the use of ocean freight is probably the best and cheapest way. If your choice is to move with smaller items and the most needed personal belongings, kitchen utensils and other not voluminous cargo, our air cargo service is a fast, reliable and price worthy alternative.

Our service concept is very simple, you pack your belongings, seal the packages, mark each package with the consignee name and address. Give us a call and we will pick up at your door, if you decide to deliver yourself to one of our drop off points please call us in advance and we will direct you to the closest location (Arlanda, Landvetter(Gothenburg) Jonkoping, Malmo orNorrkoping.We will provide a couple of forms to be completed and returned to us together with a copy of your passport.

We will ship your cargo to the closest international airport where the consignee has to clear customs and pick up the shipment. We recommend you to check out the Australian import rules for personal belongings.

 If you require help with customs clearance and delivery to your new address we will assist you with names of local custom house brokers.

This is a brief information to help to get you started, when you are about to start the process, please call us and we will be happy to help and assist. More information can be found at our website

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